The serenity of a chic, pulled-together room that reflects you, your family and your taste, only elevated, is priceless in today’s busy world. Alix is a delight to work with - she's fast, friendly and has impeccable style and an eye for detail that truly sets her work apart.


she has a way of making everyday life beautiful” and by this, for example, storing kiddie vitamin gummies not on the counter but in a beautiful confit jar, duh! Why did i not think of that?? It is the simple things that you look at every day that she does that bring you joy every moment


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Alix! She a beautiful person, both inside and out. She is a design genius who can turn any room into a show stopper. I am thankful for her sharing her incredible talent with our family. I LOVE everything she has done for our house, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t enjoy and appreciate her excellent work! We are very lucky indeed.